the excuses of the moderate barons of the PP for not going to Colón

The more moderate barons of the Popular Party have wielded in recent days different excuses to justify their absence from the concentration against the pardons to the prisoners of the procés, which will be held next Sunday in Madrid, and in which they will leave their national leader alone , Pablo Casado, and the only two territorial leaders who have confirmed attendance: Isabel Díaz Ayuso from Madrid and Fernando López Miras from Murcia. The protest has shown the division in the popular ranks regarding the relationship with Vox, since in Colón the two parties will coincide again, in addition to Ciudadanos, as in the one known as the photo of Colón in 2019.

The Government remembers the division of the PP before the photo of Colón and asks him to work to fix his "disaster" in Catalonia

The Government remembers the division of the PP before the photo of Colón and asks him to work to fix his "disaster" in Catalonia

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"I will not go to Colón because I have a trip on the same Sunday," said the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, last day 2, as soon as the call was known by a platform promoted by the former leader of UPyD, Rosa Diez. He will travel to Rome to see the Pope. The Galician, who is usually defined as the internal counterweight of the leader of his own political formation by being attributed a more moderate profile, considered this Monday "perfect, timely and appropriate" for the PP to attend the rally against pardons for the prisoners of the procés that will be held next Sunday in Madrid. But he will not go to the Plaza de Colón, place of the protest.

Neither will the other two barons of the considered most centrist sector of the party, the Andalusian Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla and the Castilian from León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, although they have also supported the announcement. The first argued "personal reasons" to justify his absence without giving further explanation. And the second gave a more striking explanation. "They are the Salamanca festivities [la ciudad de la que fue alcalde]", argued Monday, alleging, therefore," personal issues. "

Other positions of the more focused PP, the one that lost the primaries against Casado, in 2018 - and that supported his internal rival, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría -, will also avoid participating in what has been considered as the new photo of Colón, for the confirmed attendance of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, as well as at the famous 2019 protest.

The return of unity of action

These popular personalities who will be absent from the concentration will thus avoid being linked to the extreme right, which will go to the concentration in order to continue challenging the popular for hegemony within the most conservative electorate, as it has been doing for three years. . This process is also taking place in the respective territories of the most centrist barons, despite the disparity of scenarios. In Andalusia, Moreno Bonilla governs thanks to Vox's votes, but Santiago Abascal's party does not yet have representation in Galicia and in Castilla y León it only has one representative in regional courts.

What in 2019, the leaders of the three rights, Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas, will once again concentrate in the Madrid square - although she did not attend the first protest, but the then leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera did. That photo from two years ago staged the first union of the three parties and the normalization of the extreme right, which would later materialize in government agreements in communities and municipalities.

The one on Sunday will mean the return to the unity of action of the three formations after months of disagreements that led to the rupture of some of their alliances - PP and Ciudadanos staged the divorce in the Region of Murcia and the Community of Madrid -, but not they have dynamited for the moment the governments of Andalusia or the Madrid City Council.

The moderate leaders deny that normalization of the extreme right already assumed by Casado's leadership and whose main ally is the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. This very Tuesday, she agreed with Vox the configuration of the new Table of the Madrid Assembly –In addition to a reduction in the number of deputies–, giving him a vice-presidency. Ayuso needs Abascal's party to be re-elected at the inauguration in the coming weeks. Only she and the president of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, who is also aligned with Casado's leadership and governs thanks to Vox, have confirmed their attendance at the Columbus protest on Sunday from among the 17 territorial barons of the PP.


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