The excessive criticism of Jorge Javier Vázquez for this image of one of his pets

Jorge Javier Vázquez, the target of criticism on social networks for this issue

Jorge Javier Vázquez, the target of criticism on social networks for this issue

Social networks are not always the best space to receive beautiful words.

And if not, let them tell Jorge Javier Vazquez that has become the target of furious criticism against him for uploading a photo that is part of his most absolute daily life.

Vázquez, when he is not on television sets, has acknowledged that the place he likes to be the most is at home. In it he finds that haven of peace that is so far from the spotlights and the immediacy that the small screen demands.

A house that you share with best life companions you can have: their dogs.

The Catalan presenter lives surrounded by four greyhounds, adopted of a protector: Lima, Romeo, Travis, Bart and the last to join this list, Tom, to whom, in a jocular tone, the communicator confessed that he had named him after Tom Brusse, a contestant on The island of Temptations and of Survivors 2021.

However, a photo of one of them has been the one that has unleashed the ire of many of his followers.

Jorge Javier has become a very active user on Instagram and on his profile he shares some pills from his life, including, of course, images of his dogs.

Well, it was the last snapshot you uploaded from your Travis, the one that has caused a wave of pretty unfortunate comments in which they reached accuse the presenter of something as serious as mistreating his pet.

Unjustified criticism

In the image, a happy and calm Travis he observes the lens that photographs him while the dog, very calmly, rests on one of the presenter's armchairs.

It has been this everyday photo that has caused an inordinate attack against the presenter. An image in which users denounced the "extreme thinness" of the dog and that he had it at home with a collar.

"Greyhounds are thin, but it looks excessive", "What hobby do you have with leaving the necklace on at home, that must bother him a lot", "feed him, it's in the bones", are some of the hurtful comments that the Catalan has had to face.


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