The excesses of Dave Grohl before each concert - The Province

The excesses of Dave Grohl before each concert - The Province

Dave Grohl has revealed the extensive and intense alcoholic routine who practices methodically every time he has a concert before going on stage with his Foo Fighters.

It all starts around an hour and a half before the appointed time with the intake of three ibuprofen. "One hour before the concert, I drink a Coors Light beer," he told the station 95.5 KLOS and picks up the NME.

And he continues: "About 50 minutes before, I take my first Jägermeister, I finish the first Coors Light and I take another one, then there are a lot of people around, so I I take shots with everyone in the room. The next Coors Light is finished, so I take another cold one. "

About 20 minutes before going on stage, Grohl calculates that has been able to take three or four shots of Jager and three Coors Light. At that time the dressing room and the band members have a quarter of an hour for themselves.

"Then we are all there and I feel guilty because I am the only one who he's been drinking Jag shots, so I start offering shots to the rest of the band, which they're all drinking wine and champagne or whatever. ", Grohl confesses.

And the ritual continues: "So I'm giving you the shots, but I have to take them too, so that I've already had five or six. So it's like 'it's time to go to the stage', so I open another beer just to have a cold while I walk and I drink the last of Jag. "

After a moment of reflection, once the whole process has been enumerated, Grohl concludes with his usual sense of humor: " This is bad! This is how I have spent every night of the last year and a half. This is why I am not afraid of the Lord. I've seen worse. "


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