June 13, 2021

The ex-wife of the woman murdered on Monday in Gijón arrested as alleged perpetrator

The National Police arrested Wednesday, shortly before 7 p.m., the ex-wife of the 41-year-old woman whose body was found Monday with wounded guns in her apartment in Gijón. He is the main suspect of the authorship of the crime, reported the Gijón Police Station. The man has a history of gender violence, reports El País.

The man, for whose location all the police stations in the country had been mobilized due to the possibility that he had fled Asturias, has been arrested in Gijón. The woman’s body was found Monday at her home in the neighborhood of La Calzada, in the Cuatro Caminos area, with obvious signs of violence, the National Police and the City Council reported. Among the hypotheses, sexist violence was investigated. Now him Court of Instruction of Guard has decreed summary secret.

The Government Delegation for Gender Violence was “gathering information” to also rule whether it was indeed a sexist crime. If the authorship of the detainee is confirmed, the murder of this woman would be the eighth so far in 2020 for sexist violence, according to reports prepared by the Government Delegation against Gender Violence. Since 2003, the year in which official statistics began to exist, it would be the victim number 1,041


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