January 20, 2021

The ex-wife of the deceased in La Laguna was in prison for sexist violence – La Provincia

The man who committed suicide last Saturday in La Laguna, and on which the investigation is focused to determine if he ended the life of his ex-partner, María Concepción, on San Juan Street, came to be in the penitentiary center Tenerife II as alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence.

According to sources in his environment, said admission to the prison occurred before his relationship with the murdered woman began.

It should be remembered that, as the Government delegate, Juan Salvador León, informed the male, a neighbor of La Laguna and 54 years old, he had three records for crimes of sexist violence.

According to one person consulted, for several years he had serious problems finding stable jobs.

The same source clarified that their level of professional training was also not high, which did not contribute to achieving a stable job.

Supposedly, the aforementioned citizen, who was found hanged in a place located at the confluence of San Diego Street and the Fuente Cañizares Road, had emotional stability problems.

The woman had broken the relationship with the aforementioned individual, however it is also known that both maintained a cordial treatment and some contacts when the tragic event occurred.

Waiting for the forensic report

In the day yesterday there was no great progress to determine whether the violent death of María Concepción in her home on San Juan de La Laguna street was a sexist crime or not. As it has transpired, the forensic report of the Institute of Legal Medicine is still missing to determine the real circumstances of the death of the 54-year-old woman.


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