The ex-wife of Juana Rivas asks the judge to order the delivery of her children | Society

The ex-wife of Juana Rivas asks the judge to order the delivery of her children | Society

Juana Rivas and his two children under age they are in an unknown place in the vicinity of Cagliari (Italy). The only thing that is known, according to Rivas explained to this newspaper, is that the three are in the house of a friend. Rivas spent the last weekend with them and had to take them with his father, Francesco Arcuri, on Sunday afternoon. He did not do so alleging that, presumably, the father of the children had mistreated the minor child, which is why, on the same day, he filed a complaint against him. Arcuri, through his lawyer, denies the abuse and insists that Rivas invents "totally unreal circumstances, the result of his imagination". His lawyers have denounced the disappearance of the children, have asked the judge to take the "urgent" measures necessary for the children to return with him and have asked the court to "immediately revoke the right of access of the mother" to their children or that, "alternatively, arrange for that access to be carried out in a protected environment, in the principal interest of the minors."

Arcuri, who lives with them in Italy and who is the guard and custody of the two children under four and 12 years, has issued a statement at noon in which he recalls that on Sunday he was waiting for his mother to deliver to the children for more than five hours and that the only reason he got from Rivas is that "serious events had taken place that needed further investigation". These facts refer to the allegations of Juana Rivas that on Friday, when he was showering his youngest son, he saw bruises on his back. According to Rivas, the explanation of this was given by his brother, who explained that they were the result of some alleged pushing of his father against a bed and against the wall of the corridor. From the surroundings of Arcuri they attribute the marks to "a domestic accident resulting from the games proper to their age". This newspaper has tried to know the mouth version of Francesco Arcuri himself, but his lawyers have confirmed that he does not want to make statements.

The non-delivery of the children to his father has activated the Italian lawyers of Arcuri, but also his team in Spain. Enrique Zambrano, his lawyer in Granada, is assessing what measures to take. At this time, the judicial situation of Rivas is that of being sentenced to five years in prison and six of loss of parental authority for two crimes of kidnapping her two minor children, whom she brought from Italy and with whom she disappeared during the month August 2017 to not give them to his father. Rivas has always claimed that Arcuri mistreated her and her children.

Opposite tips

From the legal team of Rivas have expressed some surprise at the unexpected turn of events from Sunday to today, occurred after Rivas follow the advice of the center of Maracena woman. José Estanislao López, his lawyer, has acknowledged that he is in favor of Rivas returning the children to the father as soon as possible to always stay within the law

The ruling is currently in the appeal phase and the lawyers of Arcuri have not requested its execution, so Rivas is, in practice, a woman free to travel and go wherever she wants. Now, before the disappearance again of the mother with her children, Zambrano has commented that they are evaluating the possible measures to adopt. It will probably be this Wednesday, announced Zambrano, when they address Judge Manuel Piñar, who handed down the sentence of five years in prison and six of loss of parental authority for Juana Rivas, explaining the latest events and, where appropriate, asking for judicial measures against Rivas.

At the same time that Rivas denounced his ex-partner in a police station in Cagliari for allegedly treating his youngest son, the Women's Center of Maracena asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, specifically, its Consular Emergency Division, to will adopt the necessary measures to protect Juana Rivas and her children from what they consider a "very serious risk situation" of the three in Cagliari. The first result of that request will be the interview that on Wednesday, according to Europa Press, Rivas will have with the Spanish Consul General in Rome, who will move to Cagliari for it. If there is no earlier Italian court decision that requires it, it will be in function of this meeting when Rivas decides whether to deliver his children to the father.


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