Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The ex-senator Claudia López, candidate of the Green party to the Mayor of Bogotá

The ex-senator Claudia López, candidate of the Green party to the Mayor of Bogotá

The ex-senator Claudia Lopez will be the candidate for mayor of Bogota of the Green Alliance party after being imposed in a survey to the former governor of the department of Nariño (southwest) Antonio Navarro Wolff.

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Lopez won 39% of the votes to Navarro in a citizen survey in which they asked 2,701 people with the right to vote in Bogota, according to both precandidates announced at a press conference in the Colombian capital.

The former senator was the vice presidential formula of Sergio Fajardo in the presidential elections of 2018 in Colombia but they did not manage to go to the second round.

"We have shown the country, young people and all generations that when there is affection, when there is a constructive political vocation, there is no place for pettiness," he said in his speech after winning.

The survey, which had a margin of error of 2.5%, was carried out by the company Centro Nacional de Consultoría to 2,701 people who asked who they would vote for if the mayoralty elections in Bogota were held tomorrow.

Among the options that were provided were the two candidates, Lopez and Navarro Wolff, as well as the "I would not vote" and "do not know / do not answer" boxes.

Lopez said that the team of Navarro Wolff, who he said is "an example", is already his campaign group and that with him they will "win the Mayor's Office of Bogotá".

"Together we can get Bogota out of the bad moment it is," he said.

During the pre-campaign López denounced the start-up of a defamation campaign against him with the distribution of leaflets with false information about his program for the capital.

"This is not an issue of discredit, a matter of affecting my campaign, that is pure and simple corruption, is to put a ticket, a lot of money, to try to confuse, defame, to make people afraid," he said at the time .


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