The ex-president of the Young Farmers detained in an international coup against human trafficking | Spain

Juan Pérez Miramontes, businessman and president of the conservative agrarian union Xóvenes Agricultores-Asaja Galicia (until the group was dissolved by the debts) was arrested on Tuesday by the national police in the framework of an international operation against the trafficking of women of origin Paraguayan. Pérez Miramontes, habitual with his yacht of the summers of Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), photographed on their vacations with names of the PP as Mariano Rajoy Y Ana Pastor, is the only Spanish of the nine arrested between the two countries, in a coordinated action of the police and the courts of Santiago de Compostela and Ciudad del Este (Alto Paraná).

The investigations, about which the secret has been decreed, try to clarify if the ex-syndicalist agrarian, promoter in 2006 of the movement SOS Against O Lume (SOS / Solos Against the Fire) during the fires that ravaged Galicia in times of the autonomous Government of the PSOE and BNG, was the supposed financier of the procuring network, as the prosecutor of the case in Paraguay has stated to the newspaper The nation. Among the eight detained Paraguayans (three in the American country and five in Spain) the vast majority are women. At the same time that there were records in Alto Paraná and buildings in Santiago de Compostela, Málaga and Madrid, in total nine, the police released at least 12 alleged victims. Most of the young women are around 22 years old and almost all of them are Paraguayan, although some of them have also been located in Colombia. In Santiago, Court No. 3 has temporarily taken over the investigation and interrogation, acting as a guard.

The conservative union headed by Pérez Miramontes was denounced by its own workers and in the midst of a strong internal conflict entered into bankruptcy and was dissolved by a court in Lugo in 2016. The so-called Operation Chipa against trafficking was quietly developed during the last months and exploded yesterday with the records. In Santiago, the police entered six homes in the Ensanche area and Juan Luis Pérez Miramontes, 64, was arrested at an address on Calle General Pardiñas. The police are still trying to unravel what role the businessman and former unionist played in the plot investigated. To the suspicion of the prosecution to play the role of capitalist partner, is facing at the moment that only act as a mediator.

Presumably in the registers the agents seized money, drugs and abundant documentation. The actions, in addition to investigating crimes of sexual exploitation, also impute drug trafficking and falsification of documents to some of the detainees. In this final deployment, in addition to the agents of the Immigration Brigade of Santiago, police arrived from Madrid with dogs trained to detect drugs and representatives of the Paraguayan public prosecutor's office.

An NGO has taken charge of the assistance to the young women, who have already mostly reported and been identified as victims of trafficking by the police. The operation began to take shape when agents of Foreigners of Santiago detected, months ago, the presence of women who not only always came from Paraguay, but came from the same area of ​​the country. They were allegedly captured by the three detainees in Ciudad del Este in the Department of Alto Paraná and, with the alleged participation of a travel agency, they were then transferred to Spain. In Santiago they were introduced to the world of prostitution by several of the women arrested and then, according to the suspicion of the police, they began to be "rotated" under control of the alleged mafia by flats and brothels from different Spanish cities.


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