March 1, 2021

The ex-mayor of the Honduran capital Óscar Roberto Acosta is shot dead

The ex-mayor of Tegucigalpa Óscar Roberto Acosta (1994-1998) was shot dead Thursday near his home in the Honduran capital, official sources said.

Acosta, of the Liberal Party (opposition), was riding in his vehicle and was attacked in the neighborhood of Altos de Miraflores Sur in Tegucigalpa, a few meters from his home, in circumstances not yet clarified, the Honduran Police said.

According to some versions of witnesses, Acosta was attacked by men who were in a vehicle that crossed in front of the car in which the former mayor was traveling and they got off to shoot him.

The body of Acosta, who occupied the post of mayor of Tegucigalpa between 1994 and 1998, was recognized by his son, police said.

The president of the Liberal Party, Luis Zelaya, told reporters that he was "dismayed" by Acosta's murder and asked the authorities to investigate the incident.

He emphasized that Acosta was the "only democratic liberal mayor" during the government presided by Carlos Roberto Reina, who committed suicide in August 2003 because he was overwhelmed by an illness.

Zelaya said he expects the authorities to "investigate" the incident and capture those responsible for the murder of the former mayor of Tegucigalpa.

"We demand that the authorities make the investigation so that the case does not remain as a case and detain those responsible," said the leader of the Liberal Party, who expressed solidarity with the family of the former head of the capital government.

Acosta was sentenced in October 2018 to four years of commutable sentence for the crime of fraud to the detriment of the Public Administration during the period that occupied the Mayor's Office of the Honduran capital.

According to the Public Ministry, Acosta bought for 10 million lempiras ($ 405,350) land for the construction of a sanitary landfill in Tegucigalpa, when the real cost was 5 million lempiras ($ 202,675).

Criminal violence in Honduras leaves a daily average of between ten and eleven dead, according to official sources.

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