March 2, 2021

The ex-mayor of La Muela (Zaragoza), sentenced to 16 years for corruption

The Provincial Court of Zaragoza has condemned the excalcaldesa of La Muela María Victoria Pinilla, of the Aragonese Party (PAR), to penalties that add more than 16 years in prison and fines for 8.4 million euros for eleven crimes of corruption committed while He was the maximum municipal responsible in his locality.

In their ruling on the biggest case of urban corruption in Aragon made public this Wednesday by the High Court of Justice of Aragon, the magistrates also condemn five other defendants, related to urban irregularities and fraudulent awards imputed to Pinilla, to penalties of up to 6 years and 7 months and fines.

Specifically, the Audiencia of Zaragoza condemns the former mayor for continued crimes of bribery, money laundering, fraud to the public administration, administrative malfeasance and embezzlement, as well as others against the Treasury, fraud, influence peddling, subsidy fraud and another as a cooperator in a fraud to the administration.

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