The evolution of the La Palma volcano is “normal” and stable, although the emission of lava is low.

The person in charge of volcanology of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), Carmen Lopez, has pointed out this Friday that the evolution of the volcanic eruption in Old Summit it is “normal”, within a stable process but with a “very strong” variability.

“The volcano is not stopped, it is emitting lavas, there is an internal readjustment process This means that there is still a very intense seismicity and a tremor signal associated with the operation of this material emission system. Stability does not mean that the volcano is stopped, but that it has a similar behavior these days, “he highlighted in the daily press conference to give an account of the agreements of Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca).

Along these lines, he has commented that in recent days there is less lava emission but there are “pulses” at certain times that cause in some areas there is an “overflow” of lava tubes, although always running through the existing flows.


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