Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

The evidence that incriminates the alleged killer

The investigation of the disappearance and subsequent murder of Romina Celeste in Lanzarote it is again topical. During this time, your husband Raúl Díaz, until now allegedly responsible for crimeShe confirmed to investigators that he did not kill her, that her body was found on New Year's Eve and that she later disposed of the body. However, his statement to the police remains unconvincing. And more when
The Summer Program
has had exclusive access to a series of tests that point directly to the suspect.

It seems that Romina's husband deleted thousands of files from both your phone mobile like from your computer.

Romina Celeste, missing in Tenerife

Romina Celeste, missing in Tenerife

Last January, Raúl Díaz told the Civil Guard that heNew Year's Eve, Romina Celeste was found dead and then, he got rid of the body. But he defended that he did not kill the Paraguayan girl, 25 years old, but they only argued. Hence his subsequent detention by "Reasonably sufficient evidence" to blame him for the disappearance of the young, who had a son in his country.

Now, The Summer Program has brought to light the messages that the alleged killer would have eliminated of your electronic devices and that could incriminate you. Despite the deletion of this information, the report that the magazine has had access to shows that even so, researchers have found many data that would give him away.

Raúl searched the Internet to erase the location history left by a mobile phone

Among the files that Raul deleted there are numerous WhatsApp and SMS messages except one, the last one that he supposedly sends to his partner. "I just came back home and you're not here, not even my cell phone. Where are you?", ask in your last SMS. Investigators believe that Romina had already died when the alleged killer sent her that message to fabricate a possible alibi.

As of January 7, the relatives contact Raúl to ask about Romina and exchange messages with Raúl. He says that Romina left home in the early hours of January 1. "I had an urge to make money and I think I wanted to go back to Paraguay", answers Raúl. He also explains that Romina could be in Madrid. He also says that is very worried and does not stop looking for Romina. In addition, Raul searched on the Internet how to delete the history of locations left by a mobile phone, data that were removed voluntarily to leave no trace of the crime scene or the course taken to get rid of his wife's body.

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