July 24, 2021

The eviction of a family with eight disabled people is paralyzed in Mallorca | Society

The eviction of a family with eight disabled people is paralyzed in Mallorca | Society

"We're not happy, we're out of necessity." They are the explanations of Trinidad Cortés at the doors of the uninhabited villa that a year ago he occupied with the rest of his family in the Mallorcan municipality of Llucmajor. This Monday, the eviction of this family of 14 members was scheduled, eight of which suffer some degree of disability, after the entity that owns the property appealed to the courts to order their eviction. A last-minute agreement between Abanca and the Balearic Government has made it possible to postpone the eviction without a date in order to find an adequate solution to relocate the members of this family.

The Cortés family was forced to occupy the house due to the poor economic conditions it was going through. In November of last year they entered the house and since then they have lived poorly in the building, without running water and hardly electricity. 15 people came to live, of which six have a severe disability and two suffer milder types. One of the members of the clan died last Saturday and the Cortes have barely had time to watch over the stress and anguish of the eviction. "After seeing the particularity of the case, the director of the bank has committed to paralyze the eviction without a date," says the deputy mayor of Llucmajor, Bernardí Vives.

Next week the social services of the City will make a visit to the house to try to find a solution to the precarious situation of the family. Together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Balearic Institute of Housing, they will work with the possibility of housing the family members in a social floor or looking for places in specialized residences for the dependents. "The idea is to have a margin of time to be able to find a solution, because six people have a high degree of dependency and two other illnesses are slightly milder," the councilor points out.

Water cuts

From the Platform Stop Evictions Mallorca denounce that the City Council has looked the other way and that the court has not attended to reasons. Juan Segura, spokesman for the organization, says the family gave 200 euros to a lawyer who promised to manage the situation in the courts and who "did nothing" leaving them on the verge of destitution. He also criticizes the role of the City Council, which he accuses of cutting the water on several occasions "without first sending a social worker to check the situation of the family."

Francisco González, a neighbor of Llucmajor and exconcejal in the Consistory, has been involved with the family during the last weeks to draw attention to the situation they were going through. "They are living without water, totally crowded, they have very serious diseases, the least deaf, there are people with cancer, six disabled people, with blindness, with paralysis, with Down syndrome, with mental retardation, with schizophrenia and were so sick that on Saturday one of the brothers passed away "says González. The family has lived in the last months of the non-contributory pensions charged by some of its members and the work of two others, to which is added the money earned by one of the women working for hours. "It's a scandal, the world is unfair. It is one more case and thousands of families are in similar situations, "regrets Gonzalez.

Catalina, a neighbor who resides in the houses next to the plot of the occupied chalet, regrets that the bank wants to throw the family when the house had been empty for more than two years and was previously the object of vandalism, theft and the burning of a fire. Abanca took control of her after the owner of the property stopped paying the mortgage payments. "This family has done a good to this house because it does not get weird people. They do not bother anyone, most of them can not move. They do not give any problem, I see it all an injustice "cries.


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