July 29, 2021

The European Union bets on the circular economy in Colombia

Ten ambassadors of countries of the European Union (EU) and the Minister of Environment of Colombia, Ricardo Lozano, announced Friday in the Caribbean Santa Marta the support of the community bloc to the circular economy of the Latin American nation.

"One of the fundamental axes for us is the circular economy, an area where Europe is investing a lot and in which technology is very important," EU Ambassador to Bogotá, Patricia Llombart, told Efe.

"We will encourage the creation of companies together with a number of countries, including Colombia, to create partnerships between companies from both countries. Colombia was the first country to renew the circular economy and with its participation in this program we will give him political support, "he added.

Lozano thanked the ambassadors for the support received from the EU and also assured that "from the Government they will achieve equity based on sustainable economic models", which will facilitate "alternatives for all".

The EU is running 37 million euros in Colombia for the support of peace, the environment, trade, agriculture and great cooperation with human rights.

In a second phase, they will allocate an additional 20 million euros in environmental matters with which they will strengthen the sustainable local development program.

In this sense, Llombart said that "the results have been very positive for the green businesses that have emerged, the results in dialogues with local populations and the results in forest governance to avoid illegal logging, illegal imports."

In the first phase, which began in 2016, the EU invested 55 million euros for the care of the environment in Colombia, which resulted in 653 green businesses being launched, more than 21,000 jobs were generated across the country and In addition, 1,200 families from Afro-Colombian communities benefited from the implementation of sustainable economies.

From the second phase, which will begin in 2020, the private sector and communities will be involved in the actions of sustainable use of biodiversity, it is expected that there will be 950 green businesses, 26,100 hectares under a conservation system and 304 sustainable enterprises.

On the other hand, a landscape program will be launched that will allow the department of Magdalena, of which Santa Marta is the capital, to work in the moors and in the mangroves to continue supporting the Maritime Research Institute, Invemar.

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