The European regions demand at 27 to strengthen funds for the demographic challenge in the EU budget

This is stated in the opinion of the Committee of the Regions of the EU (CdR) - an advisory body of the Community institutions - that this Monday has been adopted by the commission responsible for Innovation and will be submitted to the vote of the plenary session of the CoR next month of March.

The Heads of State and Government of the EU tried unsuccessfully last Friday to close an agreement on the multiannual financial framework (MFF) for the period 2021-2027 for the differences between countries regarding spending, so that negotiations on the Items and their endowment are still open.

In this context, the CoR sees the need for the next framework to have "a global budgetary response to the demographic challenge in all relevant EU programs and policies" and insists that the support to the Structural Funds chapter be reinforced Policies to face demographic change.

The rapporteur for the opinion of the CoR, the Hungarian conservative János Ádám Karacsony, has also collected in his opinion references to the advisability of supporting areas with geographical or demographic disadvantages, for example with more aid to provide means to the most affected regions .

"Demographic revitalization is crucial to reverse negative trends," Karacsony warned in a statement, after his report was adopted by the Committee on Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC).


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