August 6, 2020

The European Parliament obliges Netflix and televisions to offer a minimum of 30% of European production | Culture

The plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) gave green light on Tuesday to the new norms for the audio-visual services that will force platforms like Netflix, as well as to the traditional televisions, to offer a minimum of 30% of European production in their catalogs.

The directive also provides for reinforcement measures for the protection of minors and limitations on advertising time (20% of the daily broadcast). In Spain, the big television channels exceed 30% and platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Movistar not only offer European content but also produce it.

Sources of these platforms said they prefer not to give data about their percentage, since it is not clear if the directive refers in percentage to the number of catalog titles or hours of actual content. YouTube and live streaming services should also follow the new regulation. On the other hand, to improve the protection of children's viewers, platforms will be forced to act to curb content that incites violence, hatred and terrorism.

Product placement

Likewise, there are new rules on advertising and positioning of products in children's programs. In fact, both the call product placement (advertising that inserts a product or a brand in the narrative of a program) will be banned in children's programs.

The other major issue of the directive refers to the announcements, which may represent a maximum of 20% of the daily schedule between 6:00 and 6:00. The same limit will be applied to the prime-time schedule, which is set between 18.00 and 0.00.


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