The European Parliament asks Spain to stop the gas storage in Doñana

The European Parliament asks Spain to stop the gas storage in Doñana

The European Parliament asks the Spanish authorities to stop the gas project that takes place in the surroundings of the Doñana National Park. The deputies of the Committee on Petitions have approved to recommend that "all permits granted be suspended until the irregularities detected in the environmental impact assessment are clarified." It also suggests that "the necessary legal steps to end the entire Marsh Project" developed by Gas Natural be taken.

The recommendation has been introduced in the voting Of the report on the inspection carried out by a group of MEPs in Doñana last September. The text of this "commitment" approved by the parliamentary committee that has reviewed calls for "a provisional withdrawal of work and an immediate halt to the following phases of the gas project to respect the principles of precaution and prevention."

The document recalls that "the possible consequences" of injecting and storing gas in the underground cavities around the national park have not been studied. It also points to the history of the frustrated warehouse project Castor (in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tarragona) that "revealed the inherent danger to this type of infrastructures".

In this sense, the amendments have hardened the parliamentary position by underlining "the recognition by the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition that the Doñana gas storage facilities are no longer considered strategic within the energy supply regime," according to the amendment was obtained by the Equo MEP, Florent Marcellesi, who describes the project as "obsolete".

The report "emphasizes that, because of its strategic location, Doñana is a unique biodiversity environment," according to the amendment introduced by the United Left deputy, Marina Albiol, which has increased its forcefulness in terms of the end of illegal extractions. of water to feed irregular irrigated farms through which has brought Spain before European courts: "Regrets the permitted use of land classified as forestry by local authorities for, among other things, cultivating strawberries or drilling wells without authorization and requests that all necessary measures be taken to put an end to these practices", describes the report . "Now the ball is on the roof of the Spanish and Andalusian institutions," Marcellesi summarized after the vote.


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