The European Parliament and the Council agree to reduce CO2 emissions by 37.5% in cars

The negotiators of the European Council (EU countries) and the European Parliament agreed today to reduce by 37.5% the average of CO2 emissions in new cars with a view to the year 2030 and by 31% for vans, the commissioner announced. European Commission for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete.

"With these ambitious objectives, Europe is once again showing how to convert the Paris Agreement and the COP24 into action," said Arias Cañete in his Twitter social network account, in reference to the climate change pact achieved in 2015 in the French capital and the one that seals the rules for its application reached at the recent climate summit in Katowice (Poland).

Before the start of the negotiations between the two European institutions, the MEPs had been the most ambitious, advocating a 40% drop for cars, while the Member States defended a 35% decrease.

Finally, a compromise point was found for a reduction of 37.5%.

This decision can have important repercussions in the automotive industry, as manufacturers may have to sell large numbers of emission-free vehicles, such as electric cars, to achieve the overall objective.


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