The European liberals vote this Saturday to expel the PDeCAT for corruption cases of Convergència

The European liberals vote this Saturday to expel the PDeCAT for corruption cases of Convergència

The decision will be taken in Brussels after an extraordinary meeting of the ALDE Council which is expected to be attended by about a hundred representatives of their delegations, to discuss the case and submit the decision to vote. The meeting will start after 11:30 am and the vote is expected to take place at 2:00 p.m.

The "most likely scenario" is that the Council endorses the opinion expressed by the Executive of ALDE on September 26, according to Europa Press informed sources familiar with the meeting, who, however, warn that it is not a meeting of process and that there will be "a real debate", in which there will also be a PDeCAT representative.

If the 'yes' is imposed on the expulsion to the party of the expresident of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont of which has traditionally been his European political family, it will be necessary that the result add two thirds of the votes pronounced to be effective.

Then the "automatic" exit of the European party will take place, not of the parliamentary group that ALDE has in the European Parliament and in which the old Convergence has the MEP Ramon Tremosa.


The Executive considers that the PDeCAT membership "is no longer compatible with the principles" of the European liberal family, due to its implication in events "contrary to the interests and values" of the training, according to Europa Press sources familiar with the debate.

This recommendation was agreed last September with the "unanimous" support of the Executive, chaired by the Dutch Hans van Baalen and one of its vice presidents is Luis Garicano (C's).

However, for this position to be formalized, it is necessary for the national parties that form ALDE to approve it in this Saturday's Council, convened in an extraordinary manner to deal with the expulsion of the PDeCAT as the only point.

The party of the European Liberals, which in addition to the PDeCAT has C's and PNV among its members, plans to hold its ordinary Congress in November in Madrid.


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