July 11, 2020

«The European education system is made to destroy intelligence»

War, disenchantment, literature, uncertainty. The novelist Arturo Pérez-Reverte presented his latest novel, "Sidi", based on the figure of the Vivar Campeador, in one of the events scheduled at the Congress of the Asale in Seville. A talk, preceded by the reading of some fragments in which he explained the essential keys of the hero, but in which he ended up talking about life, the horizon that life offers and its experiences in conflicts. He related some of the chapters that he lived in the front during his time as a correspondent, how that time when a soldier helped him and helped him cut the bleeding that had caused a cut in his left wrist. “I felt the blood and I thought I could have serious problems, so I asked for help. It was night and in the darkness a man came to me. I could not see his face and from him I only remember the smell left by dirty clothes and the grease of weapons. Without saying anything, the cut sold me. This is war.

Arturo Pérez-Reverte revealed what his preferences and his deepest beliefs were: «I believe in friends, in which I am going to die and in books, which help me cope with the days and better understand the world». The novelist spoke of the Cid, which is his Cid, which has glossed from documentation and literature ("From what is known about him, only 15 or 20 percent is real. The rest is legend") , reviewed precise details of the eleventh century and ended up talking about current affairs and the drift that society is taking: «The entire European education system is made to destroy intelligence, any vestige of individuality. Everyone who stands out for something, who likes to read, who does not like to play sports or sing along with others, is persecuted. The classes have not been arranged so that the ready ones increase the level of the mediocre ones, but the other way around ».

The novelist recalled the electoral debate last Monday and showed his disagreement with the show offered by the different political candidates and said: «Today, authorized voices are no longer interested. You just have to see the gatherings. Only journalists go. People who are authorized in each of the subjects are never used. They are not invited because they are not interested in what they have to say. The question is where are the future Churchill, the good or bad leaders who should lead this society. And the answer is that there is no ». Then he pointed out: «Pablo Iglesias, Sánchez, Casado …. have not fallen from the sky. They have our vices and we are all guilty of that. I also".

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