The European Commission stands out from the support of its vice president to Pablo Casado

"It is an effort that will touch you, dear Pablo, closer than many of us believe." This is how explicit the vice president of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas was this Monday in a dialogue with the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, on Europe, and the reforms related to the European recovery funds.

Schinas, Greek, member of the ruling New Democracy party (member of the European PP) and presented at the PP convention as a member of the Community Executive, also retweeted a message from Casado in which he spoke of the need to "rescue" Spain .

A tweet in which, in addition, Casado calls Schinas "vice president of the EU", a non-existent figure while the EU, as such, does not have a president or vice president. There is a President of the European Council –Charles Michel–; there is a European Commission, with a president –Ursula von der Leyen–; vice-presidents - among them, Schinas - and commissioners; and a rotating presidency of the Council of the EU –which is occupied by Slovenia this semester–.

Does Spain need to be rescued, as the tweet from Casado retweeted by Schinas said? asked Diego Velázquez, from the Luxemburger Wort: "The members of the College of Commissioners", answered the spokeswoman for the European Commission Dana Spinant, "can, in their capacity as politicians, express opinions on political activities, or in the framework of political activities in a Member State. AND This should not be associated with any official position taken by the European Commission in relation to local, regional or national elections. "

"The members of the college are politicians who are sometimes called", continued Spinant, "or they can choose, in their capacity as politicians, to participate in political activities. But this does not amount to a reaction on behalf of the European Commission to favor or of one or the other candidates ".

In the talk between Feijóo and Schinas, the Galician president concluded like this, after announcing that they would give Schinas the Galician PP card: "The PP Convention begins at the end, in Galicia, and does not end in Valencia this end of week. The challenge is to finish on the road to A Coruña, which is where it is [el palacio de] La Moncloa ".

It is not the first time that the vice president of European Life Promotion, in charge of a Migratory Pact that is stranded as "unsupportive", according to southern countries, has been involved in a controversy related to leaders of the PP in Spain.

Last March, the European Commission had to deny the Community of Madrid, chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The regional government had accused the Executive of Pedro Sánchez of preventing a visit from Schinas to the hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal already scheduled. The European Commission has assured in a Twitter thread that that visit was never confirmed by the vice president's office.

"The acting director of the European Commission Office in Spain has just informed us that the visit to Zendal de Schinas must be canceled because the Government has decided to take him to a vaccination center other than Zendal, outside the Community of Madrid. The visit was requested by the office of the Vice President of the European Commission to the Health Council of the Community of Madrid ", the Ayuso Executive had complained in a brief statement. "They hate Madrid, they hate this lifeline against COVID-19," the PP of the Community of Madrid also said on this issue in a tweet.

Some claims that the European Commission denied. "In view of his trip to Spain on March 29, and following the usual practice, the representation of the European Commission in Madrid, in charge of organizing the visit, explored different options without any being confirmed by the vice president's office", he assures the community body.


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