The European Chamber endorses a list of priority infrastructures that includes fossil fuel projects

The Eurocamara declared the climate emergency in November; and approved in January the European Green Plan presented by the new Commission of Ursula von der Leyen. But this Wednesday has rejected, with the votes of the rights, socialists and liberals (443 votes against 169 and 36 abstentions) the objection of the "list of projects of community interest (PCI list) ".

The list of priority projects is a list of energy infrastructure, eligible for EU funding, which includes natural gas and other fossil fuel projects.

A new list of priorities is published every two years in the form of delegated legislation, so the European Parliament can only approve or reject the list drawn up by the European Commission as a whole.

The vice president of the group Greens / ALE and MEP of Catalonia in Com├║, Ernest Urtasun, commented: "If we want to be consistent in the fight against climate change, we must end the financing of new fossil fuel projects. Given the seriousness of the climate emergency and the little time we have left to avoid the catastrophe, we must focus all new investments with public money on clean and renewable energy, as well as efficiency. "

According to the Greens, "the gas projects proposed in the new list of Community Interest Projects are not proportional to the future demand for EU gas and are not necessary from the point of view of security of supply. But also the development of these infrastructures would further increase greenhouse gas emissions, instead of reducing them as all EU commitments set out. "

The objection rejected this Wednesday in Strasbourg was supported by US actor Mark Ruffalo, who participated in an act of the Greens in Brussels last week against the list and in favor of financing sustainable projects.

Community sources have explained to Europa Press thatIf the list had been rejected, the Community Executive would not have presented a new proposal, but would have waited until 2021 to present the fifth version. This would have meant that the third list of priority projects, which has more gas infrastructure than the fourth, remains in force.

The list includes the electrical interconnections between Spain and France by the Bay of Biscay, with France from Navarra and Aragon, and the connection between Galicia and Portugal, as well as three electricity storage stations with hydro pumping, details Europa Press.

"The only good news on the list," Urtasun acknowledges, "is that a project like Midcat has disappeared. [gasoducto entre Espa├▒a y Francia a trav├ęs de Catalunya], which did not have any social consensus nor did they respond to energy needs. "


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