May 14, 2021

The European Chamber deplores the new budget proposal and threatens to reject it

The president of the European Parliament (EP), David Sassoli, and the negotiators of the European Parliament on Friday lamented the proposal of the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, for the budget of the European Union (EU) for 2021-2027, and threatened reject it if presented in the current form.

In two communiqués, the president of the institution and its negotiators called the budget plan “disappointing” and “very far from what is needed” to finance European programs, since it contemplates a budget far below the one proposed by the EP and introduces cuts in cohesion and Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

“I thank President Charles Michel for the work he has done, but the proposal he has presented today is far from what is necessary to finance the new and traditional EU programs,” Sassoli warned.

The president of the Eurocamara said that the proposal “does not differ much” from the one proposed by the previous semiannual presidency of the Council, which Parliament had already largely opposed.

According to the Italian, the proposal “contradicts the ambitions that the Member States have set as priorities” and “goes in the direction of those who think that Brexit is less Europe and therefore less budget”.

In addition, Sassoli warned that the European Chamber, which has the ability to veto the budget, “is not willing to support an agreement at any price.”

In the same vein, the parliamentary negotiators of the budget for the next seven years were represented on behalf of five of the seven Eurochamber groups (all except the extreme right and the European United Left).

They criticized countries that “focus excessively on the ‘how much I give and how much I receive in return'”, since, they said, the benefits of belonging to the EU far outweigh the cost of contributing to their budget. “

“If we decide not to invest together now, we will pay a higher price later. Today’s proposal seriously undermines the credibility of the new political agenda,” the negotiators of the popular, social-democratic, liberal, green and conservative groups warned.

The presidents of the four main pro-European groups (European People’s Party, Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Renew Europe and the Greens / ALE) had already sent a letter to the president of the European Council with these same warnings.

Heads of State and Government of the EU will begin next Thursday a summit in which they will address this new proposal, which has already generated divisions between the member states that favor a greater endowment and those that opt ​​for austerity.


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