The Eurogroup confirms that governments will be able to continue spending without limits in 2022

Correspondent in Brussels



European governments will continue to have a free bar for spending in 2022, as recently agreed by the finance ministers of the euro zone, meeting by videoconference. The agreement assumes that there will be a third consecutive year without deficit or public spending controls, to continue encouraging fiscal support measures for households and companies to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

The European Comission It had already proposed that the so-called escape clause of the Stability Pact remain in force until economic activity recovers, which is not expected to happen before the summer of next year.

At today's meeting, the ministers confirmed that despite the fact that the vaccination campaign has already started, “the outlook continues to be clouded by uncertainty and the recovery is expected to be uneven across countries, regions and sectors. '

In their political statement, the euro zone finance ministers say that at this time 'we are united in our position that until the health crisis is over and the recovery is firmly underway, we will continue to protect our economy by deploying the necessary level of fiscal support. '

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