The Eurocopa, ‘laSexta noche’ and ‘The next three days’ face each other today for the audience

Actor Russell Crowe.

Actor Russell Crowe.

The first matches of the group stage of the Eurocup They will be very present in the programming of the Mediaset channels. Four broadcasts this afternoon the Wales-Switzerland (3:00 p.m.) and the Nordic duel of Group B between Denmark-Finland (6:00 p.m.), while Telecinco will do the same with Belgium-Russia (9:00 pm). After the completion of this last match, the chain will issue a new installment of ‘Top Star’ (0:00 hours).

the sixth tonight emits a new installment of ‘the Sixth Night’ (9:00 p.m.). The space presented by Iñaki López and Verónica Saenz receives the visit of José Manuel García-Margallo and Cristina Almeida, who will discuss all current affairs, and the Argentine Hispanic actor Juan Diego Botto. In addition, the program will remain attentive to any news that occurs in the case of the girls of Tenerife and will analyze all the keys with a panel of experts and with Manu Marlasca from the island.

Russell Crowe, a husband in distress on Antena 3

A new pass from ‘The next three days’ arrives tonight (10:10 p.m.) at ‘El peliculón’ by Antenna 3. When Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) is imprisoned for a murder she claims she did not commit, her husband John (Russell Crowe) is forced to juggle raising their son, fulfilling his job duties, and trying to prove his wife’s innocence. However, the situation is further complicated when, after having an appeal rejected, Lara attempts to commit suicide.

The 1 shows Scarlett Johansson as the protagonist

The 1 from TVE bets tonight (10:10 pm) on the film ‘Diary of a Nanny’. After finishing her university studies, Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson) moves from New Jersey to New York to work in a bank. But, since the financial world is not what she expected, she ends up being the babysitter of the spoiled son of a wealthy family. While adjusting to an environment whose rules are completely unfamiliar to her and trying to teach the boy that money can’t buy everything, she falls in love with a rich young man.

What’s more, ‘I leave it when I want’ occupies tonight (22:15 hours) the prime time of Four. Friends from college and well prepared, Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are three university professors who have been put out of work by the crisis. Tired and broke, they accidentally find the solution to their problems in the research project Pedro has been working on for years: a vitamin complex that offers, to their surprise, a full lag without side effects. The three teachers, with the support of Anabel, a lawyer turned gas station employee, and Jota, a student more interested in partying than studying, will launch into the world of the night and shady businesses to market the merchandise . Something for which they do not seem to be so well prepared yet.


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