Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

The Eurocámara puts expiration date to the plastic forks: year 2021

The Eurocámara puts expiration date to the plastic forks: year 2021

The plenary session of the European Parliament today approved the agreement reached with the governments of the Union so that in 2021 the plastics of a single use disappear, like plates, cutlery, straws and sticks for the ears.

The hemicycle gave the green light to the agreement by 560 votes in favor, 35 against and 28 abstentions.

Other products to be eliminated will be oxodegradable plastics and food containers and polystyrene cups.

The text also sets new recycling targets for public administrations and imposes new responsibilities on manufacturers.

The Member States will have to recover 90% of the plastic bottles by 2029.

Also by 2025, 25% of the plastic in the bottles should be recycled (and 30% in 2030).

Likewise, manufacturers will be obliged to include in the labeling warnings about the environmental impact of cigarettes with plastic filters, plastic cups, wet wipes and sanitary napkins.

Likewise, the manufacturers of fishing gear will have more responsibility, who will have to assume the cost of collecting lost nets at sea.

According to the European Commission, more than 80% of the garbage found in the sea is plastic.

The products covered by this legislation constitute 70% of the total marine debris. Due to its slow decomposition process, plastic accumulates in seas and beaches, in the EU and in the world and is ingested by animals, such as turtles, seals, whales and birds, and also by fish and shellfish. it just comes to our plates.


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