April 16, 2021

The EU will give Iberia more time to adapt to a hard Brexit

The EU will give Iberia more time to adapt to a hard Brexit

The European Union plans to give more time to companies such as Iberia, whose intra-European flight license is in jeopardy with Brexit, to find a solution that allows them to continue operating between European destinations after leaving the United Kingdom, when only airlines with effective control will be able to do so. and property are mostly European.

The European Parliament and the Twenty-seven begin negotiations next week to adopt contingency measures to reduce the damage in the air sector should the negotiations for an orderly divorce fail and a chaotic "Brexit" take place on March 29. . In recent months, the Spanish government has intensified its contacts with the European Commission to find a formula with which to resolve the situation, but Brussels has maintained that the solution must arrive before the date of the divorce. However, the European Parliament proposes to give companies in this situation an additional period of one year for airlines in this situation to present their plan (until March 2020) and the Twenty-seven have agreed this Friday to defend in the negotiations an extension of seven months, that is, until October 26 of this year. In this way, Iberia ensures that it will have more time to coincide the two co-legislators in which airlines must be given a longer period to "fully adapt" to community demands, although they will now have to agree on common deadlines, reports Ep.

Community rules establish that operating licenses for flights within the European Union are assigned to companies whose "effective control" falls on a Member State or its nationals and that the "ownership" of 50% plus one of the shares is also European . The Community Executive has doubts that the airline Iberia – integrated into the "holding" IAG of which British Airways, Vueling and Aer Lingus are also part – meets these control requirements and mostly Spanish property and has asked the national authorities to clarify the situation.


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