June 24, 2021

The EU verifies the conditions to observe the elections in Bolivia

An exploratory mission of the European Union (EU) arrived in Bolivia on Tuesday to verify the conditions for the subsequent sending of an election observation delegation to the general elections on May 3.

“It is a mission consisting of six people, three experts and three officials, to find and verify all the conditions to send an election observation mission,” the deputy head of the EU delegation in La Paz, Jörg, told the media Schreiber

The diplomat referred to the matter after attending the opening ceremony of the election year in La Paz.

This delegation will hold meetings with Bolivian authorities and other political and civil society representatives “to verify the situation here in Bolivia and the conditions” for the subsequent sending of an electoral mission, Schreiber said.

“That is a sign of the European Union’s commitment to accompany this process,” he said.

Apart from preparing the arrival of an electoral mission, the European bloc maintains a “close contact” with the Bolivian electoral court and the international community to coordinate support for “concrete projects to this democratic transition process that is very important,” he added. .

For his part, the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Bolivia, Salvador Romero, expressed his confidence that the exploratory mission “will lead to the presence of an electoral mission” of the European bloc “in the 2020 elections”.

Bolivia will hold the new elections after those of October 20 were canceled, in which former President Evo Morales was declared the winner for a fourth consecutive term.

Those elections were annulled in the midst of allegations of fraud in favor of Morales, who on November 10 announced his resignation denouncing a coup d’etat to overthrow him.

It will be the first election that the Movement to Socialism (MAS), the Morales party will face without him as a presidential candidate, something that he had managed to avoid so far with legal resources that allowed him to stand for the 2014 and 2019 elections despite the constitutional limit of Two continuous mandates.

Morales, who is processing his refuge in Argentina, has announced a meeting in Buenos Aires on January 19 to elect MAS candidates in the May elections.

Former president Carlos Mesa, who was Morales’s main contender in the October elections, has confirmed that he will run again, while civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho also plans to be a presidential candidate, although for now he has not confirmed with what acronym he will .

The registration of candidatures will conclude on February 3, according to the electoral calendar released on the weekend.


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