May 11, 2021

The EU starts 2019 with a budget record for humanitarian aid

The EU starts 2019 with a budget record for humanitarian aid

The European Union (EU) increased the budget for humanitarian aid this year to a record 1,600 million euros, the largest adopted at the start of a new year, and will allocate part of the allocation to Colombia and Venezuela, reported today the European Comission.

The executive arm of the EU explained that this budget increase is due to the "increasing impact" of global climate change, the long-term conflicts in the Middle East and Africa and the "worsening" of humanitarian crises and conflicts.

The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Christos Stylianide, said in a statement that 10% of this new budget will be allocated to the education of children in emergency situations.

"We must think about the impact of many of these crises on children, who are the next generation," said Stylianide, noting that "the EU continues to be a leader in humanitarian donations in crises like those in Syria and Yemen."

According to the European Commission, most of the budget will be specifically aimed at supporting humanitarian actions in Syria and Yemen, as well as assisting refugees in neighboring countries.

In Latin America, the community funds will be directed mainly to the most vulnerable population affected by the crisis in Venezuela or the "protracted armed conflict" internal to Colombia, according to the European Commission.

In Africa, the European budget will go to help people living in regions hit by humanitarian crises, such as South Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Chad basin and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as in the Sahel, which runs through a new food crisis.

The EU will allocate another part of the funds to humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and to assist the Rohingya population in Burma and Bangladesh, as well as those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

"Humanitarian aid alone can not solve all the problems, but we must do everything in our power to help the most vulnerable – that is our humanitarian duty," said Stylianide.


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