The EU approves the new directive on renewable energies that makes specific mention of the ORs – La Provincia

The EU approves the new directive on renewable energies that makes specific mention of the ORs - La Provincia

TheEuropean Unionhas reached an agreement on the new directive ofrenewable energywhose text specifically mentions the cost overruns and the isolation of the electrical systems of theoutermost regionsand opens the door for Member States to develop specific instruments to help promote therenewable energyin these territories.

The Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge,Pedro Ortega, says that the approval of this directive is "great news for the Canary Islands" insofar as it allows the Islands to have "a flexible and adapted European legislative framework that takes into account the singularities and vulnerabilities of the Archipelago in energy and facilitate the provision of new financial instruments with which to promote the development of renewables ". This achievement is a consequence of the managements led by the Canary Islands before the European institutions representing the ORs.

"This is a very important step to get thatCanary Islandsand the rest of the ORs can count on specific incentives that allow us to promote the development of renewable energies, without necessarily having to resort to auction procedures or prior concurrence ".

Further,Pedro OrtegaHe noted that the approved text refers to the leadership role that the ORs can take in the transition process of theEuropean Unionto clean energies, given the special conditions that these territories have for the testing and application of cutting-edge technology related to the development of renewables.

In particular, in article 4.7 of the directive, on support systems for electricity from renewable energies, it indicates that, "in order to increase theproductionof energy from renewable sources in the outermost regions and small islands, Member States may adapt financial assistance to projects located in these regions in order to take into account the production costs associated with their specific isolation and of external dependence ".

Within the considerations of the standard, it is also recognized that "the ORs could serve as an example of the implementation ofinnovative energy technologiesfor the Union "and in this sense considers" necessary to encourage the use of renewable energies to reach a higher level ofindependenceenergy in these regions, and recognize their specific situation as regards the potential of these energies and the need for public assistance ".

The member states will have, as a deadline, until June 30, 2021 to transfer to the state regulations the necessary legal provisions to comply with the provisions of the law.

The inclusion of this reference to the ORs in the new European regulations is a direct result of the negotiations and dialogue that theGovernment of the Canary Islands, representing the whole of the ORs, has maintained since 2016 the main European institutions to raise awareness of the specific situation of these territories and assert the potential they offer in the new sustainable energy model of the Union.

Already in 2016 the Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge had held several working meetings with the director responsible for Renewables, Research, Innovation and Energy Efficiency of the Directorate General of Energy of the European Commission, Marie Donelly, in which she obtained of Europe the commitment to include a specific reference to the ORs in the text of the new directive.

Subsequently, throughout 2017, Pedro Ortega held several meetings with parliamentary groups in Brussels that allowed the European Parliament to approve, in January 2018, the report on the proposal for a revision of the European Commission's directive on renewable energies (COM / 2016 767 final) in which the demands of the ORs were collected.


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