The EU agrees to create a group of high-level experts for the post-Covid era

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The European Union has agreed to create a group of high-level experts to boost the economic development of the 27 in the post-Covid era. It is the main conclusion of the Recovery Summit, which was held in Lisbon this Wednesday June 30.

The meeting took place on the last day of the Portuguese presidency of the EU, and that is why it had been organized on that date and place, precisely to put the finishing touch on the leadership work of the neighboring country, which has been extending to throughout these last six months. The relief is thus delivered to Slovenia, which will fulfill the same mission until next Christmas, while France will be in charge of facing the challenge from January to June 2022.

The basis for the determination adopted is that the new scenarios that open up in this difficult time marked by sanitary restrictions must be accompanied by measures of a depth different from the usual ones. As it is, the Council of the Union It has been proposed to refine even more when appointing the experts who will lead the most innovative initiatives that are launched.

It was the Portuguese Minister of Finance, Joao Leao, who advanced the idea at the Belém Cultural Center, where the summit sessions took place. Plans that include launching the debate on fundamental issues related to Europe’s potential growth and the need to promote investments that ensure the preponderance of climate and digital transitions. This circumstance means that continuing to evolve within the sustainable economy is the great objective of the EU in the medium and long term.

The first reflections before the panel of specialists came to fruition were recorded in Lisbon, and this is how Leao himself drew it when he pointed out: «This group of experts will be formed in the coming weeks and will come to focus on the legacy of the crisis, in the necessary measures to get out of it, within increasingly widened molds ».

Speakers in Lisbon at this one-day summit included Vice President Nadia Calviño, who joined Paul de Grauwe, from the London School of Economics, or Olivier Blanchard, representative of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. We are, therefore, before an attempt to have prestigious professionals from specific institutions and independent from the point of view of political affiliation.

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