the essence of the American SUV

It is large, powerful and specially designed for lovers of off-road asphalt

Fashions change and we have seen how in recent years all-terrain vehicles have become bored to adapt to life in the city. On the other hand, the line that separates SUVs from SUVs is becoming thinner and the latter are increasingly sophisticated. It is true that they have not diminished their effectiveness outside the asphalt and their ability to overcome any type of obstacle is often well above the driving skills of their owner. But inside we feel like inside a luxury saloon and almost sad to put them in intricate ways.

This is not the case with the Jeep Wrangler Sahara we tested today. Those who seek a car of this type to walk around the city only refrain from being interested in it. We know that most off-road car buyers almost never step on the ground. But that doesn't work for a Jeep product that is outside the asphalt in its sauce. It is not by chance that the signature of the four bars represents the American essence of the off-road. And more in the Wrangler series, which contains all the spirit of this firm.

The Sahara is simply impressive in its appearance, especially in the five-door version. The Wrangler offers three different versions: Sport, Rubicon and Sahara. The latter has two body versions, three or five doors, which in this case has a length that approximates five meters. The external view imposes. Large fins, generous wheel arches, 18-inch wheels, a front without compromise to aerodynamics and a ground height of almost twenty-five centimeters that allows you to pass over any obstacle on the road.

Under its front hood, which maintains the classicism of the square design of all Jeep, we can find two types of engines. A diesel of 200 horses or the version we tested, which was a gasoline with four cylinders and two liters of displacement whose power rises to 272 horses thanks to its turbocharger with intercooler. It is mounted on a double beam chassis with rigid shafts and reducer. Its traction system is the “command track” that uses a central differential and allows it to achieve good stability with its four driving wheels even when we ride fast on asphalt. In line with the latest trends, a plug-in hybrid version is announced for the same year.

Inside this latest generation has improved comfort with better finishes and some sophisticated equipment. But, we repeat, we are facing a hard car so as not to give up the essence of Jeep. We found heaters on the steering wheel and seats, but that nobody look for regulations of the backs by electric motors or an armchair that gives him a massage. In return, enjoy your eight-speed automatic gearbox and its additional lever to put the gearboxes and be able to literally climb up a wall. Despite its size, there is no obstacle to resist it. Its consumption is not scarce, but with a deposit of more than eighty liters, autonomy is guaranteed. And the interior capacity is more than respectable, with five large seats and a trunk of 548 liters with rubber floor to easily wash it. One of its characteristics is that it can be convertible in both the canvas and fiber roof versions, easily removable into pieces. You can also pull the windshield forward and even remove the doors.

His unmistakable style will love lovers of country life and traditions in ways and behavior. It has almost no limits in its driving and this Sahara is more appreciated when the difficulties of the terrain become harder thanks to the elasticity of its engine, its traction system and its wading capacity, with generous angles of attack in the trialera areas . A car that is not cheap, but with which we can boast of not being a user more than a large car. A Jeep is a different story that inherits a prestigious tradition in this category of hard and effective vehicles.

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