Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

The escorts detected agents of the National Police following him in the 10N

The escorts of the president of the Generalitat from Catalunya, Quim
Torra, would have detected that agents of the Policeman
National they followed him during elections
generals of the 10N, as reported

In the morning of that day, some mossos were waiting for Torra in front of the house that was going to vote on foot. Then, they realized that there was a car Citröen C4 parked in a place where it is prohibited. The mossos went to the vehicle and the three people inside said they were agents of the Policeman
NationalThey showed their plates and assured that "we are here for the same thing".

Then the mossos they scored the enrollment of the car and after making the necessary steps they verified that no
figured in any base from data.

The mossos recorded the license plate of one of the vehicles but did not appear in any database

According to the same report, a second car, also a Citröen C4, approached the parked vehicle and after talking to each other left the place. Subsequently, the members of the parked vehicle got out of the vehicles and stayed on a terrace when Torra went to his polling station on foot to vote.

Subsequently, the mossos saw that other
car, a Peugeot 308, followed Torra and drove abruptly and even skipped a red light. The regional police managed to stop the car at the height of Kennedy Square and the president's escorts identified themselves as mossos while the occupants, a man and a woman, responded that they were agents of the National Police and showed their license plates. The mossos asked him if they did any tracing and they answered what no.

The escorts would have reported what happened to CECOR, the Coordination Center composed of Mossos, National Police and Civil Guard. On the other hand, sources of Ministry from Inside They deny that any follow-up will be carried out that day or another and that they are not aware of these facts.

Is independenceism being criminalized?

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