July 24, 2021

The escapes of Nadia's father | Society

The escapes of Nadia's father | Society

Fernando Blanco and his daughter, Nadia Nerea.

The judicial process against Fernando Blanco is also the story of a flight forward. Or of several. Despite the evidence against him – at the trial it has been proven that he did not have a passport – the defendant insists that he took his daughter Nadia Nerea abroad to submit her to various operations. In those interventions, he insists, he spent most of the money that hundreds of people volunteered for the girl Nadia, affected by a rare disease called ticotiodystrophy. The doctors have said that the life of the little one was not in danger, but he insists that yes, and that in "two or three years" it will be seen.

Blanco sits on the bench of the defendants of the Audiencia de Lleida since Tuesday. Dressed in an impeccable suit and with an earring on his left ear, he listens carefully and takes notes in a notebook. Once in a while, when he hears something he does not like, he shakes his head. To the questions the prosecutor was between indignant and defiant. "Do you ask me or affirm it?" He challenged. Always ahead, the presumed fraudster of 1.1 million euros remained in his thirteen despite incurring obvious contradictions.

At a time of the harsh interrogation, the prosecutor asked him about his demonstrations several years ago in which he stated that he was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. Blanco added that he preferred not to try to devote all possible resources to the girl. At the trial, however, he assured that he had never said such words, although he said that he had been detected "three tumors next to the liver" and that he was fortunate that "they turned out to be benign".

White's flight is, in some cases, literal. After EL PAÍS unveiled the contradictions of its history at the end of 2016, and faced with the possibility of being investigated, it fled to France. He did, in fact, when the Mossos were already behind him. But the defendant, who faces a six-year prison sentence, has explanations for everything. He said yes, he left for Toulouse, but only to try to prove that his story was true. "I tried to talk to the people of Toulouse who know what is done to Nadia, whether the treatment is legal or not, so that they would see that what counted was like that."

Blanco finally returned to Spain and the telephone conversations revealed that he was trying to turn the police around. He, on the other hand, said that those he wanted to avoid were not the police but the media, which had started a "hunt." "The death threats began, even my daughter was threatened." For the Mossos, it is one of Blanco's tricks. A sergeant who led the investigation of Nadia case He explained later that the Mossos mounted controls near the border because they knew he had fled. They settled on the national road linking France with Puigcerdà. "We knew he was in the area, because we could follow him. But we never saw it at the controls because it went all the time on dirt roads and secondary roads. The evasive attitude was total ". It was his last flight because, after that, he was arrested and placed in provisional prison, where he remains since then.


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