July 29, 2021

The escape of the coronavirus clogs the Spanish roads

Ignoring the warnings of the health authorities, hundreds of Spaniards try to leave the big cities, many roads on the north coast and the Levante

The interactive map provided by the DGT shows that people do not follow the guidelines set by the health authorities and have hit the road without thinking about the consequences for road networks. Thus, in the early afternoon many people, following the advice not to go to work, but ignoring those to isolate themselves, have caused delays at the Madrid exit on the A-4, Andalucía road, towards Córdoba, on the M -40 direction A-3, Valencia highway, among others.

Madrid roads There were four kilometers of traffic jams at 14:45 this Friday on the A-4, the Andalusia highway, towards Córdoba, and another two kilometers on the M-40 towards the A-3, the Valencia highway, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). Specifically, there were retentions, yellow level of circulation, between kilometers 17 to 19, at the height of the town of Pinto. On the M-40, the congestion occurred at that time between kilometers 10 and 12 towards the A-3, and from 29 to 30.5 towards the A-5. For its part, in the capital the traffic is fluid in most of the streets, due to the situation of sanitary crisis due to the coronavirus, equal to or even less than that of a weekend. The Mobility Center of the Madrid City Council has also asked residents to stay at home through social networks to prevent the spread of the disease.

The map also shows, on the A-5 at the height of Alcorcón (Madrid), retention for irregular circulation from kilometer 13 to 12 in the direction of Badajoz.

  • RETENTION / CONGESTION by CIRCULATION with irregular circulation in: – THE HIGHWAY / HIGHWAY TO 5 at the height of ALCORCON (MADRID) from the km 13 to the km 12 sense INCREASING MILEAGE toward BADAJOZWarning: DIFFICULT CIRCULATION CONDITIONS


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