The escape of Antonio Angles in 1993 is analyzed in depth in a new expert report

National Police Agents

National Police Agents
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One of the popular accusations in the case of the triple crime of Alcàsser has presented to the investigating judge an extensive report where it is traced in detail how was the flight of Antonio Angles in the first months of 1993, from Valencia to the freighter where the trail was lost.

The report of more than 50 pages presented by the Laxshmi Association for the Fight Against Crime and PreventionAs sources of the case have informed EFE, it incorporates a chronology with the points where there is evidence, either by evidence or by testimonies, of the presence of Angles in his flight.

It also incorporates an infographic of the corral de Alborache, one of their first hiding places, where genetic remains were found, specifically his sperm.

In total, various specialists integrated in the Prometheus Project (for the review of crimes and unsolved disappearances) they analyze fifteen scenarios by means of photographs of the time, combined with other modern ones, videos and aerial shots and infographics.

In each scenario, the authors of this study (A. Vanacloig, A. Costea, F. Costea, B. Conde and P. Teruel, led by the criminologist Félix Ríos) give an account of the evidence found, of possible new forensic and witness evidence, while establishing a spatiotemporal relationship with other settings.

Thus, it is concluded that there are forensic evidence that shows "without any doubt" that Angles was alive between January 30 and February 7 because there is evidence that he spent the night in the aforementioned corral in Alborache and in a chalet in Benaguasil between the two dates.

In addition, taking as a reference testimonies and non-forensic indications, the possibility that Angles remained alive at least until March 24 at 6:00 p.m., when he lost track of the aforementioned British ship.

To carry out this report, "each and every one of the scenarios" has been visited and witnesses of the time have been interviewed, taking as reference the book by journalists Genar Martí and Jorge Saucedo "El Fugitivo", and points, as in the aforementioned text, to the possibility that a member of the crew of the "City of Plymouth" facilitated the flight of Antonio Angles .

The Court of Instruction number 6 of Alzira, which directs the investigation of the triple crime of Alcàsser, has transferred this week to the National Police various recommendations aimed at deepening in search of the fugitive, on the run since 1993.

Recently the National Police has requested - and obtained - permission from the investigating judge for the use of the Angles profile in a public way, since it is planned to carry out an informative campaign at European level and request citizen collaboration for its search.

Kidnapping and murder in November 1992 of Miriam, Toñi and Desirée, the three residents of Alcàsser (Valencia) between 14 and 15 years old, raped and tortured to death by the fugitive Antonio Angles and his partner Miguel Ricart - released since 2013, twenty-one years after entering prison after being convicted of the Audiencia of Valencia to 170 years in prison-, kept Spain in suspense for more than two months, until their corpses appeared.

The autopsies They confirmed that Miriam, Toñi and Desirée were tortured and raped before being shot dead.

Subsequent research has followed the clue to the possible whereabouts of Angles, if he is still alive, or the confirmation of his death, which may have occurred when he was thrown into the sea from the aforementioned ship bound for Dublin.


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