The Ertzaintza waits nine hours at the door of an illegal party to report the 67 participants

After a nine-hour wait, a total of 67 people have been denounced for violating health regulations against the pandemic after participating in an illegal party at a guesthouse in the Biscayan town of Derio, as reported by the Security Department. The Ertzaintza is now trying to identify the organizer of the event, reports Europa Press.

The Basque Country admits that it has been underestimating the number of COVID-19 admissions and hospital occupancy since at least November 24

The Basque Country admits that it has been underestimating the number of COVID-19 admissions and hospital occupancy since at least November 24

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Around ten o'clock at night this past Monday, curfew time, the Basque Police set up a device in the San José Artebakarra hostel, located in the San Isidro de Derio neighborhood, after learning that the interior was celebrating an illegal party that violated the health regulations decreed in the state of alarm to combat the spread of the pandemic.

When the patrols arrived at the scene, they found about thirty vehicles parked in the vicinity and they verified that the music could be heard from outside. During the night, the agents have invited the participants to leave the building, since it was not possible to intervene because it was private property, Security has specified.

The agents have had to wait until seven in the morning, nine hours, at which time the first of them has left the interior and has been identified. At about one thirty in the afternoon, the operation was concluded, with a total of 67 people identified and reported for infractions based on the decrees of the Lehendakari on sanitary regulations against Covid-19. Now it is a question of identifying the organizer of the event.

For its part, the City Council of Derio has expressed its "indignation" at the "lack of responsibility" and "folly" of the young people who have participated in the illegal party at the Hospedería San José Artebakarra and who are "people outside the municipality" Biscayan. Likewise, he has asked that "this type of behavior not be linked" to all youth. "This type of action, by some young people, shows the lack of social solidarity and empathy at a time of pandemic crisis," he denounced.

Its mayor, Esther Apraiz, has expressed the "discomfort" of the municipality at this type of action and has appealed "to individual and collective responsibility and compliance with health standards." He also regretted that Derio "is in the news for these reprehensible events in which, in addition, the participants are people outside the municipality." The City Council has congratulated those young people who "make an effort to comply with the rules" and, in this sense, has asked that "this type of behavior is not generalized or linked" to the entire group because "it is not like that". "The youth of Derio have always shown a responsible attitude and their behavior is being exemplary," said the mayor of Derio.


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