September 21, 2020

The Ertzaintza investigates a sexual assault on a young woman in Beasain (Gipuzkoa)

Beasain (Gipuzkoa), July 14 .- The Ertzaintza investigates a crime of sexual assault against a young woman committed this Saturday in the Guipuzcoan town of Beasain although at the moment there have been no arrests related to the case, reported this Sunday the Department of Security.

The facts, which were denounced by the victim and about which the Basque Autonomous Police has not offered more details, took place at dawn on Saturday.

Hundreds of neighbors have participated this Sunday in a massive rally called by the local council to condemn the facts and show their solidarity and support to the victim and his family.

After a banner with the caption "Beasain says no to sexist violence" held by the mayor of the town, Aitor Aldasoro, the president of the General Councils of Gipuzkoa, Xabier Ezeizabarrena, and municipal representatives, the protest has been carried out in silence, interrupted by the applause of the assistants on several occasions.

In statements to the media, the first mayor Beasaindarra has pointed out that, "in the face of such barbarity, it is only to express the rejection" of this type of crime and make the victim feel the "closeness and support of citizens."

He said that on Saturday he visited the family of the young woman to convey that the City is at your disposal for "anything you need."

Aldasoro has appealed to the discretion not to hinder the work of the Ertzaintza and has asked for responsibility because "the objective of all" is that the perpetrator is arrested.

"Once again a woman has been the victim of sexual assault by a man and everything else is secondary," he concluded.

The Basque Women's Institute (Emakunde) has added to the signs of condemnation this Sunday, which has highlighted in a statement the need for "an active involvement of all citizens to advance in the achievement of an egalitarian society, free of all the forms of violence against women. "

For its part, the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa has made an institutional declaration in which they ask the citizens to adopt a "personal and collective commitment" in favor of equality and to "react" to "any expression" of violence against women because it is a question that affects "everyone".

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