Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

The erotic dolls of the collector X

In the family, they knew that since his retirement in the 90s and for about twenty years, he locked himself in the attic of the house, with "his stuff", and locked the door for anyone to enter. When he died, his wife and children had to tear down the door and were met with a real surprise. After some red curtains, three naked and transformed mannequins appeared. They entered the room and there was an incredible collection of dolls barbies and dolls geypermans that had been mechanized, tuned, transformed, to simulate sex games all types.

The family, which claims to completely ignore everything behind that door and those curtains, put all the material on sale. He was seen by an antique dealer and was enthusiastic, but he did not dare to buy it and gathered other colleagues by profession to see what could be done. And in the end they decided and bought hundreds of erotic dolls. They showed it to some friends and critics and they all agreed that it should be presented to the public. And this is how it has reached Espai Brossa (Calle de la Seca 2, Barcelona) where it can be seen under the title The forbidden room (open from today until January 12), which reproduces as faithfully as possible that unknown corner. It is the first post-Brossa exhibition in the final phase of Any Brossa.

The collector's family discovered when he died that he had hundreds of dolls in a forbidden room

The mysterious collector X, which preserves their identity, bought the dolls, removed their clothes, added some sexual attributes, painted or hooked, and gave them movement thanks to some simple mechanical devices that worked with a crank. And that allowed him to recreate all kinds of sexual scenes, couples, threesomes or even recreating collective orgies. Sometimes these are simple jokes, such as those of a group of barbies, dressed in wedding suits, that keep a bride, naked, but loaded with jewelry and high heels. "It's a naive and fun eroticization," says one of the antique dealers.

The owner of these toys modified them and secretly adapted in his 'forbidden room'

The owner of these toys modified them and secretly adapted in his 'forbidden room'
(Enric Fontcuberta / EFE)

Vicenç Altaió, director of Espai Brossa, wonders if it is an artistic creation, a craft work for fun or a perverse act. The group of collectors who have bought it are limited to expose it and leave the interpretation to the viewer. The game room is similar to the original, but the access rules are opposite. Forbidden room has been passed to open space to the visitor. And yesterday after the inauguration there was talk that his final destination would have to be the Joguet Museum in Figueres or some other museum space in Barcelona.

And for those who attend Espai Brossa, two other exhibitions are offered. On the one hand, a collection of posters and materials of the 15 years of the Trobada Internacional de Poesia d’Acció i Performance The Muga Caula. An experience started in the small town of les Escaules (Alt Empordà) by the artist Joan Casellas, which began in 2005, when 40 years of the visit, documented and photographed, of Marcel Duchamp to that waterfall of the river La Muga. On the other hand, a visual and sound fiction of the Terra-lab Equip 10 is presented. One of his actions (Boira exclusive band) was performed yesterday and will be repeated on December 11.

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