The Eritas, why the Montoya were born bad

The Eritas, why the Montoya were born bad

At 12 they already had a knife in their pocket, but two years ago they had already dared to set fire to a class at the Divino Salvador school, where more than to study, they were going to get involved and to fight with the kids. Bernardo and Luciano Montoya, who came to this world in October 68, are twins in appearance and behavior. «How can I not remember them, if they were the same demon», says a well-grown man from his neighborhood. In Cortegana, a small town of Huelva of almost 5,000 inhabitants living "from the cork and the gocho", all know these brothers originally from Barcelona but who came very small and stomping this town. And, then, peace is over in this beautiful corner of the Sierra de Aracena.

Far from encountering the famous "law of silence" that usually prevails in gypsy neighborhoods when talking about the adventures of any member of their "tribe", in Las Eritas, the gypsy zone of the town – social housing that was taken over by two clans : the Montoya and the Aguilera-, They are willing to tell the world who these two guys are who have been sowing fear since childhood. They would not be more than eight years old when they settled here with their parents Isabel (now deceased) and Manuel leaving in Lloret de Mar a large part of the extended family. First in the street Mendo, then in the street Chanza and in the 90, when they delivered these floors of official protection, in Las Eritas. "It was getting to the town and we started to close the door of the houses, just like I did when I found out that he got out of jail," remember a neighbor of the Chanza district while frying honey pestiños.

Account that the Montoya arrived at Barcelona disowned of Badajoz, of where really they are original and of where the grandfathers of the brothers (father of Manuel Montoya) also was implied in a crime of blood. Although some of the Montoya sisters say that he lives by drug dealing, Manuel, the father of these two "jewels", has always lived by selling horses or renting them for pilgrimages. «When they come now for Christmas the Barcelona family can not get an idea. Those that do look at another level. They arrive with luxury cars, full of gold and watches of a million pesetas ", says an" Aguilera ", who warns that" as they have gotten mixed together they have a small tare when walking, as well as horses ". But no matter how much gold they saw coming from Barcelona, ​​the ones who were afraid were always the twins. «When I was eleven years old, I saw how he gave a bottle to a woman who would take him 20 years. I saw the race they were. Thank God they've spent so many years inside, "says a relative of Bernardo's latest victim: an old woman over 90 years now who was thrown to the ground to steal her purse. It was the sentence he fulfilled before leaving last October. "He had a restraining order from her and, as you see, he has broken her because he has been here at his sister's and father's house before and after the girl disappeared. Let them not say now that he no longer has a family, that they have hidden him, "he warns. Fear of the Montoya is the common denominator of every woman you ask. "I always avoided looking at him when I crossed him in the street and even then you noticed his look". "If we met somewhere, my hair stood on end: I got bad, nervous, lost." "As soon as we learned that he had left prison again, we were already uneasy, praying not to cross over there." All this says about Bernardo, the rapist and murderer of Laura Luelmo. And that he has spent half his life in prison. With the men it seems that he behaved differently: "He respected me because I did not curl up, you can not wrinkle with shit like that. He asked me a thousand duros and I knew it was to catch. I trusted them but as soon as I gave them a stick I would return it to them, "says a former drug addict about Laura's killer, who also" was hooked on the horse "(heroine) in his early years, when he went with his black curly hair believing untouchable. "He used to go for the payas, of course, he knows that if he touches a gypsy they hang him in the town square," says a "paya" from Las Eritas, who recalls how he also tried to sexually assault "a kinswoman girl who brought the milk. There, near the barracks, he took it but the aunt threw two eggs and gave it a good blow. "

But the first woman mistreated by Bernardo was his wife, mother of his two children. Africa, nicknamed "The Sick", managed to separate from this monster that mistreated her even though she was not well seen in her gypsy family. Today he does not want to know anything about him and he lives together with his children (which he had with Bernardo) in Palos de la Frontera, two hours from Cortegana.

For his part, Luciano, now thinner and less gray than his twin, also separated but has now returned with his wife. During their leave goes to Calañas, where a daughter lives and where this week they celebrated with a big party their days off (she has already returned to the prison of Ocaña) although the crime of Laura and the arrest of her brother was already known about it. He also always got into violent stories "but it was less to go for the girls," they comment. Luciano is also a murderer. He was convicted of stabbing to death in 2000 Maricarmen, a 35-year-old girl who left two very young girls when she died. Today, Patricia and Beatriz are two twenties living in Aracena. His grandmother (mother of the deceased) did not overcome the death and lived medicated against a strong depression until about a year ago, when he ended up taking his own life when he was admitted to the hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez de Huelva. It seems that what one did was what the other had to do because a year before Mari Carmen's death, Bernardo had done the same with Cecilia, an old woman of 85 years, five years before. He got into his house to steal, she caught him, he attacked her, the lady denounced him and he went to kill her directly as soon as they released him from the barracks. «That time we almost kicked them out of town. It got very fat in the town but we had to have set it on fire. Then they labeled us as racists but look how they have managed to get them out of other places. Here we are the only town where we have not concentrated because of Laura. It's the fear that you have, not because we do not feel it ».


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