The Equality Unit asks to include sexual cyberbullying in university protocols

This was stated by Sonia Mauricio during the presentation of the report of the ULPGC Equality Unit -created in 2010-, in which she reviewed all the activities carried out in the last two academic years both in the training field and in relationship with the monitoring of the Gender Equality Plan.

He also indicated the actions taken in cases of harassment and sexist attitudes, in accordance with the protocol approved by the Governing Council in 2017. He reported that said protocol has been activated on two occasions, in the 2018-2020 period.

In the first place, it was followed from a complaint presented by the delegation of students from the Faculty of Legal Sciences to a professor, whose part-time contract was not renewed. Currently there is a resource in the work of this teacher.

Between students

Said protocol was initiated for the second time as a result of a complaint filed in the Equality Unit by a student of the Veterinary Faculty regarding the alleged harassment carried out by a female and a student from said center, in March 2019. a Inspection, "said file was resolved satisfactorily for both parties."

Regarding the recommendations for the future, Sonia Mauricio highlighted the need for the ULPGC Equality Unit to have a budget and full-time administrative staff. He also indicated that the next Equality Plan should include measures for the conciliation of teaching and research staff, among others.


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