The Episcopal Conference limits its antipederalist commission to high ecclesiastical officials | Society

The Episcopal Conference limits its antipederalist commission to high ecclesiastical officials | Society

Neither victims, nor lay people, nor psychologists, nor teachers. The Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) you have not left the script provided when announced the creation of a commission to investigate cases of pedophilia between ecclesiastics and update their protocols of action. She said that she would be formed by members of her legal services, the Court of La Rota and the Spanish Conference of Religious (CONFER), as well as a representative of her vice-secretary for General Affairs. In spite of raising countless criticisms, even internal, for this composition, the EEC has not rectified. In addition to their clerical officialdom, Jesuits and members of the Opus Dei with high responsibilities in other institutions, which will limit his dedication to a topic that other episcopal conferences have taken very seriously, with the preparation of dossiers of thousands of pages already sent to the Vatican.

In addition to the bishop of Astorga, Juan Antonio Menéndez Fernández, who chairs it, the commission is formed by the priests Silverio Nieto Núñez, Jorge Otaduy Guerín, Carlos Moran Bustos, Carlos López Segovia, and the religious Miguel Campo Ibáñez.

Nieto Núñez, before entering the legal service of the EEC, was police commissioner and magistrate, as well as professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the Pontifical University of Comillas, San Dámaso and the Catholic University of Murcia. A year ago he was very criticized by the parents of Asier Cuatrecasas, the young victim of sexual abuse in the Gaztelueta school, of Opus Dei in Vizcaya, whom he came to interrogate on his own, for more than two hours, after presenting himself as an envoy of the EEC to "take an interest in the situation of the young person". Pending judgment, the case was controversial precisely because of the unusual intervention of Nieto. "He subjected our son to a process full of traps. I wanted to know things as if the window of the office in which Asier claimed to have suffered the abuse had or not blind, "said the parents then.It is public and notorious that Nieto is the confessor of Jorge Fernández Díaz, former Minister of the Interior with Mariano Rajoy and member of Opus Dei.

Opus Dei is also the priest Otaduy, professor of canon law at the University of Navarra and director of the magazine Ius Canonicum. Carlos Morán is a professor at the University of Navarra and the Pontifical University of Comillas, but he is on the commission for being the dean of Court of La Rota. As such, it will be the connection of the researchers with the embassy (nunciature) of the Vatican State in Madrid.

On behalf of the CONFER, which brings together more than 50,000 friars and nuns, the EEC places the Jesuit Campo Ibáñez, specialist in patrimonial law of the religious. It is a scarce presence given that a large part of the reported cases occur in the school environment managed by the congregations. The commission is completed by canonist López Segovia, as a liaison with the secretary general and spokesman of the CEE, José María Gil Tamayo, also a priest of Opus Dei.

The young ex-missionary Paulino (assumed name), who denounced three years ago Pope Francis Having been the victim of continued sexual abuse in a community of Spanish clerics, summarizes the state of mind of the victims and their families after knowing the composition of this commission. "I only trust the Pope." It is the same thing that he declared to EL PAÍS on November 3, 2015. "If you want a problem to persist, appoint a commission," he says.

The truth is that the six commissioners start their work from scratch and blindly, if the EEC affirms that it does not have any information because "the dioceses are the ones who manage every complaint". Pope Francis convoked a month ago the 113 presidents of episcopal conferences from his church to search the Vatican, in private, between February 21 and 24, a remedy to the discredit that the pedophilia scandals are causing him. It is the time that this commission has to deliver its dossier to the president of the EEC, the Cardinal archbishop of Valladolid Ricardo Blázquez.


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