May 18, 2021

The epidemic of influenza accumulates 16 deaths in the Islands due to the virus – La Provincia

The epidemic of influenza accumulates 16 deaths in the Islands due to the virus - La Provincia

The increase in cases of influenza in the Canary Islands has been so exponential in the last seven days that only that time has reached the epidemic of the disease in the archipelago. According to the report of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Islands, the incidence rate of the virus already recorded 154.16 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 78.75 in the previous week. But in addition, in seven days has also increased the number of seriously affected, both hospital admissions and deaths, which now totals 16 so far this season and none of them had been vaccinated.

Regarding the cases registered in the hospitals of the Autonomous Community, the health report reveals that a total of 181 admissions of patients in serious condition have been reported this year, 86 of them only during the last week. The profile of this type of patient is maintained in similar terms with respect to the previous report, with a slightly higher proportion of women (51.8%) and with more than half of the patients over 64 years of age.

In addition, as has been happening throughout this influenza campaign, eight out of ten patients had risk factors and one in four ended up admitted to the ICU. They are joined by 237 others admitted to hospitals in the Canary Islands, but without serious criteria, an amount that until last week was reduced to 79 patients.

The increase in the incidence of the virus has been felt in the health services of the archipelago, especially in hospital emergency services, which as explained by the representatives of workers are leading saturation situations. The Ministry of Health itself admitted this week that in order to face the high pressure of assistance, a crash plan was executed to recruit more personnel as well as to adapt spaces.

Precisely in the case of the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC), in Tenerife, this action included yesterday the activation of a new area, called the Hospitalization Area of ​​Transit, with 16 beds. This space, as indicated by the hospital in a statement, is launched "before the high influx of patients in recent weeks in the Emergency and the increase in the number requiring admission to the hospital" and "in order to provide to these patients a place where they can be cared for by specialists with greater comfort until they enter the plant. "

This is a measure contemplated in the Contingency Plan and for this purpose, 20 professionals, 10 nurses and 10 nursing assistants have been hired and the necessary works have been carried out. The HUC informs that the executed works correspond to an interior reform and has involved the creation of an assisted bathroom for patients, the provision of the fire-fighting installation, modification of the existing electrical installation, creation of the Nursing control and a room for wait for relatives, among others.

This new space is located on the first floor, where the External Consultations were previously located, and includes an extension of the same with the opening of 17 more beds that will be located on the second floor next week, adds the center.

Other measures adopted in this Plan and already carried out are the installation of 20 new beds and the hiring of 26 professionals, the prioritization of initial attention to patients in the Emergency Department as well as the presence of specialists on weekends in order to expedite the high ones


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