The ephemeral step of Reverter by the Barça

It didn't last long. Not a year. His time in the Camp Nou office has been short-lived, despite being the executive signing that aroused the greatest unanimity at the Camp Nou. But Ferran Reverter, fed up with disagreements with the president Joan Laportahas decided to turn off the computer, take the jacket and go home.

Although he will stay until the club finds a substitute. He officially arrived on July 1, 2021 and his goodbye will be marked on February 8, 2022, leaving a tsunami of incalculable consequences even in the management of the club.

He had the restructuring plan for Barça, which "was bankrupt", as he himself denounced last October, in his head. And the tools to execute it, as evidenced by the first bridge loan signed with Goldman Sachs -it was 595 million euros- to guarantee, and as a first emergency measure, the day-to-day running of the club.

Traveling through the United States

Later, Reverter was promoting the financing of the Espai Barça in a series of meetings that he held last week with various investors in the United States, also coinciding with the presentation of the Forensic of the management of the Bartomeu board. The Barça CEO was not at the event together with Laporta, Edward Romeo, economic vice president, and James Campanerthe lawyer who supervised the investigation together with the Kroll company, days in which the sponsorship agreement with Spotify was also closed.

Accustomed to working in other areas, he came from MediaMarktSaturn, a consumer electronics distribution group in Germany, of which he was CEO, his presence at Barça has been short-lived. Short-lived and abruptly interrupted at a tremendously delicate moment for the management of the club.

Ferran Reverter speaks during the presentation of the telematic voting of the 'Espai Barça'. VALENTÍ ENRICH

The financial restructuring plan had been designed to resolve the debt of 1,350 million euros, in addition to starting up, and definitively, the star project of 'Espai Barça'. Projects that no longer belong to the folder reversewhich has embarked, almost 14 years later, on the same path that it took anna xicoythe first CEO to leave Barça in Laporta's first term (September 2008).

Reverter's departure comes just when Barça was about to announce the agreement with Spotify

It was reverse the executive pillar of the Barça club, leaving only the figure of Mateu Alemany, the club's director of football, who, curiously, had already held that position as CEO, both at Valencia and Mallorca previously. But he has only resisted reverse eight months living with laporta, who is facing his first major internal crisis of his second term in office.

In the field, he dispensed with koeman, despite having previously ratified it. And he ended up signing Xaviwhom he did not want because of his link to the candidacy of Victor Fontalso claiming that he did not see him yet ready to lead the team.

Now, The president will have to argue the shocking departure of Reverter. Shocking not only for who he is but for what he did but also the moment he has chosen. Just when Barça was programming the ad with spotify, one of the most important agreements for the economic future of the institution. just before because reversetired of what he has seen around him in these eight months in the Camp Nou offices, has decided to leave, despite the fact that he remains on a provisional basis while waiting for the club to find a substitute.

Giró, in an interview during Barça's electoral campaign. ELISENDA PONS

First Turned; now Revert

He stays, until the board finds him relief. But it's already gone. And also just after winning the elections, and when not even a week had passed, Laporta attended the resignation of Jaume Giró, the man who was to be Barça's economic vice president, who had designed the entire financial program in the candidacy. It was then argued that he could not assume these functions in the club because his work made him spend many days in London, something that was incompatible. Two months later, Giró assumed the position of 'conseller' of Economy of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a position that he still holds.

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