July 27, 2021

The ephemeral art of 'La tortue de Gauguin' of the Lucamoros company closes the TEMUDAS – La Provincia

After the presentation in 2012 of the successful assembly Page blanche, the French company Lucamoros returns to the TEMUDAS Festival with its latest show, La Tortue de Gauguin. A large-format street theater creation, presented in Spain with great success at the inauguration of the last Tárrega Festival, which uses arts such as poetry and painting and complicity with the public for its representation. The 23rd edition of this international meeting with the performing arts in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will conclude this morning, Friday, August 2.

At 10:00 p.m., in the Plaza de Santa Ana, and about a 9 meter high vertical structure, the artists of the Lucamoros company –six painters, an actress and a musician-, will unveil the work and artistic process of an ephemeral work live. La Tortue de Gauguin unites painting, text and social criticism, a constant, in addition to the large format, in the shows of Compagnie Lucamoros.

This was presented this morning at the Rodríguez Quegles Palacete the director of the Festival, Marisol García, along with the musician and co-author of the show, Ignacio Plaza Ponce, and the artists Lou Amoros Augustín (daughter of the company's director), Suzanne Bérélowitch and Léa Noygues. Its presentation in the TEMUDAS counts, like all the international section of it, with the support of Binter.

La Tortue de Gauguin, written and directed by Luc Amoros, shapes a contemporary altarpiece inspired by the story of Paul Gauguin who tells that, during his stay in the Marquesas Islands, he wanted to paint the shell of a turtle. The longevity of the animal helps to imagine that there is a living art that remains oblivious to the commercial process.

Since 2000, Lucamoros has renewed the ancient art of shadow puppets by creating your own set of images: intimate or spectacular, from the end of the world or near home, from multiple dreams or childhood dreams, but always in clear reference to a universal sense. It is a theater of illusions produced live through simple structures and high technology with large shadow strokes, brush strokes or cameras to produce a theater that provokes a groundbreaking show.

Since last July 4, the TEMUDAS Festival has scheduled five international shows, three from different Spanish communities and seven Canaries, four of which were selected through a public call to help local production.

The British company Nofit State Circus & Motionhouse, with its show Block, She was in charge of opening this 23rd edition, which will conclude tomorrow Friday with the French Lucamoros and its large-format street assembly, La Tortue de Gauguin . At that time, there will have been twenty performances that will have taken street theater, music, dance and circus arts to various stages of the city.

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