July 29, 2021

The EP asks to lower the price of calls within the EU and support the investment in 5G

The EP asks to lower the price of calls within the EU and support the investment in 5G

The European Parliament (EP) today ruled in favor of lowering the price of international calls between European Union countries and creating conditions that favor investments in new 5G internet networks, among other measures of a new telecommunications framework.

"We need to have very high capacity networks and for this the regulation should stimulate private investment in this type of network," said the rapporteur of the parliamentary report, MEP Pilar del Castillo (PP).

The new regulation endorsed today by the EP, on which the European Parliament and the Member States already reached a preliminary agreement in June, updates the one in force since 2009.

The new pact says that the price of calls between Member States will be limited to a maximum of 19 cents per minute and 6 cents for text messages from May 15, 2019, as specified by MEPs.

The European Parliament also supported new rules to boost investments in the development of high-capacity and 5G internet networks, essential to guarantee in the future the connectivity of services such as smart cars, research or public administration.

Another "crucial" point for Del Castillo to which the new legislation refers is the management of the radioelectric spectrum -in the hands of each member state- by establishing more "attractive" conditions for investment, such as a minimum duration of twenty years for their licenses. of use.

On the other hand, the new telecommunications legislative package includes measures in favor of consumers as a new system of alerts through mobile messages (SMS), which will transmit public alerts in all the Member States.

"The ultimate goal is for the European Union to be able to take advantage of the potential of the most advanced digital technologies, in such a way that Europe is in a position of global leadership," said Del Castillo.


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