July 12, 2020

The environmental restoration after the fire of La Gomera, in the Forest Days – La Provincia

The Forest Days of Gran Canaria today face their third and final session of presentations with the interventions of the director of the National Park of Garajonay, Ángel Fernández, who will speak on the environmental restoration after the great fire in La Gomera in 2012, and the talk of the teacher of University of La Laguna Read from Nascimento that will expose the human impact on the Canarian vegetation with ancient DNA.

During the meeting there will also be a tribute in memory of Antonio Cardona, the short films made by the students of the film and camera school of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will be screened and the decision of the III Micro-Story Contest will be announced. In addition, the manager of the Foresta Foundation, Sergio Armas, will give a talk about the twenty years of this entity.

These Days conclude tomorrow with a field trip to the Special Natural Reserve of El Brezal.

During the day yesterday, Thursday, the event had an analysis of the coastal thickets in the Canary Islands and the ecological role of the chenopodiaceae, by the researcher of the University of La Laguna Miguel Padrón; The conclusions of the XIX Meeting of nursery producers of the Canarian plant were made known, while Juani Vega, a technician from Aider Gran Canaria, spoke about the situation of rural women on the island of Gran Canaria.

In addition, the environmental educator Alejandro Melián explained the carbon footprint and the mechanisms for its reduction and compensation thanks to three specific cases. Yesterday closed Fernando Pulido with the Mosaic Project of Extremadura.

Today culminates three days of Forest Days that started last Wednesday with the presentation of the results of the Masdunas restoration project of the dunes of Maspalomas; a conference on the circular economy of compost in the ecopark Juan Grande and a talk he spoke about the environmental restoration in Lomo Vergara and the recovery of the channels of northern ravines.


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