The environmental pot of 'Biotopas' takes the Literary Cabinet – The Province

The environmental pot of 'Biotopas' takes the Literary Cabinet - The Province

The Social Art Room of the Literary Cabinet opens the doors of the collective exhibition Biotopies, curated by the PSJM team (Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José), with the works of the artists Basurama, Luna Bengoechea, Carmela García and Santiago Morilla, who trace an aesthetic response to the global environmental problem.

Biotopies is promoted by the environmental association Muévete por el Clima and organized by the Ministry of Environment of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, with the support of the Department of Citizen Participation of the City Council, since it coincides with the international conference Archipelago and Ocean Encounter: Repercussion of Climate Change in the Insular Territories, to be held in the Literary Cabinet from October 22 to 27. It will also intervene in the beach of Las Canteras and in the streets of the city with artistic actions.

The term Biotope, in biology and ecology, refers to an area of ​​uniform environmental conditions that provides vital space for a set of flora and fauna: a living environment. Therefore, the term biotopies is a neologism that PSJM proposes to poetically characterize aesthetic responses to the situation of planetary urgency. Biotopies it takes its meaning from biotope, but it is also related to Foucault's space theory. The phonetics of biotopies It refers to both the living environments and those places halfway between everyday life and utopia: exceptional spaces of life created to raise awareness.


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