November 26, 2020

The entire iPhone 11 series has 4GB of RAM – La Provincia

Apple introduced its new family of 'smartphones' iPhone 11 last week, and according to China's regulators all models of the range, both theiPhone 11 standardLike theiPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, have a4GB RAM.

TENAA, the agency that grants certifications to electronic products in China, has published reports onthe new iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Maxand has revealed two aspects that Apple never announces in the iPhone presentations: how much RAM and how much battery capacity they will have.

The standard iPhone 11, successor to the iPhone XR, features a 4GB RAM. As for your battery,Apple confirmed that it would have one more hour of autonomy than iPhone XR,and increases from 2,942 mAh of its predecessor to the current 3,110 mAh, according to TENAA.

The flagship of the range, iPhone 11 Pro, will have according to the Chinese regulator in its standard model with 5.8 inch screen a battery of 3,046 mAh, improving with respect to the 2,658 mAh of the iPhone XS, which happens, and in in line with what was announced by Apple, which promised four more hours of autonomy in this model.

As for the RAM, iPhone 11 Pro will keep the 4GB of the previous generation, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max model, with6.5 inch screen, as TENAA collects.

In addition, as for its battery, Apple had already advanced that this model would offerfive hours more autonomy than the XS Max, and data from the Chinese agency show that its battery will have 3,969 mAh capacity, compared to 3,174 mAh of its predecessor.

These TENAA documents attest to the specifications of products registered in China, but will not be definitively confirmed until the launch of the iPhone 11 range that will take place this Friday.


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