The enigma of the suitcase. Who would you trust? | Science

The enigma of the suitcase. Who would you trust? | Science

Imagine the following situation: you have a suitcase where you keep the most important things of your life. And for some reason you have to run away and you can not take her with you. The question, of course, is who you leave it to. And in that answer it influences a lot the appearance of those people.

The Argentinean neuroscientist Mariano Sigman proposes us in this video unveil the reasons why we often do not evaluate to people for what they have done (if they were generous, respectful or caring) but for their appearance. Sigman is one of the most outstanding neuroscientists in the world, with more than 150 publications in the most prestigious scientific journals. In 2006 he founded the Laboratory of Integral Neuroscience at the University of Buenos Aires, an interdisciplinary group that investigates the secrets of the brain formed by physicists, doctors, engineers, linguists, artists and mathematicians. He is the author of The secret life of the mind, among other works.

I know what you're thinking It is a series about the enigmas of the brain. If you have met a person who seems ideal, and yet something tells you to distrust. Or you get very angry about things that, if you think about them cold, are not worth so much. We are many on this list. Science observes, inquires, asks, investigates, to discover these forms that relate us in such particular ways. That's what it's about I know what you're thinking, of dyeing of science questions of every day, about how we are, about our virtues and our demons.


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